Our Story

Happy Hill Church was established in 1916 in the school house in Ringo, Oklahoma (one mile north of the present church site). At that time, different itinerant evangelists traveled to the school and held revival services there. These were considered "Holiness Revivals" where people came and received the Pentecostal blessing.

In 1921, the school board felt uncomfortable with the revival services and decided to put a stop to the meetings in their school house. So the revival moved one mile south to a hay barn on land donated by John and Martha Street. The Streets' had been impacted by the revival services—being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in the school house. The Streets' hay barn was set on a ridge overlooking the Caney River Valley and was next to a main road which crossed the Caney River at the Tyner Indian Ford.

Once the new church building had been established, the church became known as the "Street Mission" named after the Street's. For nearly ten years, the Street Mission name was used until the church became affiliated with a fellowship named The Church of God of the Apostolic Faith (COGAF) based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This Trinitarian group has been the denominational standard for our church; even to this day.

Around this time, people began to refer to the church as "Happy Hill." People who passed by in the gully north of the church would hear the saints crying, laughing and shouting. People would say to each other, "This is a happy hill." So the name "Happy Hill Church" became a nickname given by the people passing by. In later years, the name Happy Hill became incorporated into the church name.

As you can see in the picture below, Happy Hill has come a long way from the little Ringo School House. Presently, our campus is situated on 45 acres of Oklahoma tall-grass, pasture land. Multiple buildings totaling over 30,000+ square feet overlook the Caney River Valley to the east and the Osage Indian lands to the west. The Hill here is truly one of happiness and peace. Our policy of building debt free has freed the congregation to enjoy worship, revival, fellowship and missions.

Happy Hill Church has been remarkable in its spiritual journey. It held together through tough times and has, in latter years, thrived being known nationally as a center of great spiritual outpouring and revival. Today, Happy Hill provides a spiritually focused environment which produces great joy and excitement. From our very beginning to this day, we have focused on drawing closer to God and building relationships with others. We continue to pursue the presence of the Lord and walk out our assignment to be a hosting place of renewal and revival. Our multi-generational culture is exciting and reflects our love for God and people. It is our desire and hearts cry to see His Kingdom come and His Will be done here as it is in heaven! So, our story continues....